Gifts For Elephant Lovers

Need cool and unique gifts for elephant lovers? Elefans has perfect ideas for Christmas, a birthday or for any occasion. Whether it’s a DIY project or an affordable gift that’s cool, we have the best selection to choose from, so check them out!

Elephant Gifts For Elephant Lovers

cheap elephant gifts

Paper clips

Looking for something cheap and cute for the office or for school? Check out these awesome paper clips. The addict in your life will never look at the paperwork in the same way ever again! No more boring times in the office, work will become fun! Makes cheap elephant gifts look good.

birthday gifts for elephant lovers

Elephant desk organizer

Having an office birthday party for your department head who is a huge pachyderm fanatic? Every day you see them using that old tired coffee mug as a pen holder and say why. Make an impression on the boss by gifting this wooden pen organizer phone holder combo. You might get that raise you have been asking for.Makes an awesome birthday gifts for elephant lovers.

best gifts for elephant lovers


Nothing brightens up a room better than this stunning night light. Having this in your room guarantees sweet dreams. Not only that, stubbed toes and crashing into the walls will become a thing of the past. Makes the best gifts for elephant lovers.

unique gifts for elephant lovers

Elephant wine bottle holder

Looking for a gift for an tusker lover and a wine lover there is something awesome. With this bottle holder, it can brighten up a table at the house party. It’s also a good conversation starter and will leave your guests wondering where you got it.It makes a unique gifts for elephant lovers.

engraved elephant gifts

wine glass

Make that next wine tasting party more adventurous with this stemless engraved wine glass. When looking for engraved elephant gifts , you cant go wrong with this item. When these glasses come out every one can toast to the tusker.

perfect gifts for elephant lovers

love lounger

Looking for a baby shower present. This plush newborn love lounger makes one of the perfect gifts for elephant lovers. That will put a smile on their face. It’s has a soft and wipe-able surface has a handle which makes it easy to carry for when you are on the go, also fits babies up to 16 pounds.

elephant lovers facebook

Elephant sculpture

Here is a perfect gift for the tusker in your life. This sculpture is well detailed and will be talked about for years to come. Watch their eyes light up as they open up the box and looking at this beautiful yet unique sculpture. You will see it posted on elephant lovers facebook pages everywhere.


unique gift for elephant lovers Cross body bag

Looking for a unique gift for elephant lovers? This eye-popping cross body bag will get lots of attention everywhere they go. It has a nice pattern and good for the person on the go. Check it out they will love it and thank you every time they see you.

great gifts for elephant lovers

Backpack kids

Have a little tyke that loves to take their toys everywhere and is nuts about that big grey pachyderm. Here is a cool present for them. This backpack is well detailed, has bright colors, and has enough space to hold their favorite items for daycare or even a trip. Makes the great gifts for elephant lovers. Now only if you could make the pick up their toys after they are done playing.

cool gifts for elephant lovers

Elephant table

Are you looking for something unique for the pachyderm collector? This glass topped side table is just what you need. Adds the finishing touches to their living or sitting room. Makes your living space look like the throne room in black panther. Makes the cool gifts for elephant lovers.

gifts for elephant lovers

Elephant art

When thinking of gifts for elephant lovers can be difficult. Looking for the present that makes a lasting impression. Well, look no further. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this elephant pair speak volumes. The painting is vibrant and is ready to hang. Its printed on canvas and wood framed. Will be a conversation piece for years to come.

gifts for elephant collectors

Elephant tissue holder

Looking for an awesome present for the tusker fanatic who has everything? Well, look no further. This tissue holder will be a great piece for their collection. Now they can have their favorite tusker in the restroom. Adds to their ever-growing herd. It is a perfect example of gifts for elephant collectors we recommend.

good gifts for elephant lovers

Elephant candle holder

Looking for a good gifts for elephant lovers who are into pachyderms and candles. This great looking candle holder is the perfect gift to add the finishing touches in their house or apartment. This well-detailed item will set the mood all year round.

DIY gift for elephant lovers

Are you looking for diy gifts for elephant lovers? Check out this bedside table lamp makes a good gifts for elephant lovers who like to make things. With easy to follow directions sure to please the true fan. This will be something they can brag about for years to come.

culinary drainer holder

Have an elephant lover who is into culinary but hates washing their utensil after making that big meal. Well, this elephant culinary drainer holder will check both boxes for both of their passions. It has a unique design and is sure to please.

elephant merchandise


Stumped on birthday gifts for elephant lovers who loves reading, and has tons of books. These interesting designed bookends will please them and will look good on the bookshelf. Holding back their precious book collection. Its one of the elephant merchandise items for sale you can find here.

 coffee lover

elephant mug

Here is something for the coffee lover who has a place in their heart that that gentle giant. Have them display some pachyderm love with this hand painted elephant mug. Looks good on in the kitchen table or on their office desk. Bottoms up!

elephant throw Sherpa

Elephant throw

Keep your tusker fan warm with this elephant throw Sherpa. It’s soft and made of 100% microfiber. Perfect for those cold night sitting on the couch while you binge-watching Netflix. Let the game of thrones session begin.

elephant gifts amazon

Elephant Journal

Here is the best gift for an elephant lover who loves to write. This leather embossed elephant journal is the perfect gift they can use to keep their special memories. With this gift, they can be the next great writer. So head on over elephant gifts amazon store.

essential oil diffuser

Oil Diffuser

Going to a housewarming party? Do the new homeowners have a soft spot for elephants? This ultrasonic aromatherapy essential oil diffuser sets the mood in their new castle. Put some magic in the air and relax looking at the light show.

elephant item for sale


Put a smile on your elephant lovers face, when they receive this decorative elephant glass fish bowl. Looks awesome sitting on a coffee table, desk or mantle. Makes a great gift no matter what occasion they are celebrating. It’s an awesome elephant item for sale we recommend.

Christmas gifts for elephant lovers

Serving Set

Is the Christmas holiday around the corner? Stumped on elephant gifts ideas? This 3 piece salad serving set is the Christmas gift that you have been searching for. Every time they host a dinner party they will surely put this on the dinner table. This will make the prefect Christmas gifts for elephant lovers.

Paint by Number Kit

Oil painting kit

Stumped for something to gift an aspiring artist. Here are the best gifts for the pachyderm artist. This DIY oil painting, Paint by Number Kit will Set them in the right direction. Who knows they might be the next Bob Ross. This one of our best recommended elephant merchandise items.

good luck elephant garden statue

Garden Statue

Do you have tusker fanatic who has a green thumb? I recommend this good luck elephant garden statue. Brightens up a garden for years to come. Having this in their garden gnome might be jealous of this addition.

elephant ring dish holder

Elephant ring dish holder

Here is the cutest present for someone who loves displaying their Jewelry. I recommend this elephant ring dish holder. It will be at home sitting on the nightstand. It might make your finger envious.

great gift for elephant lovers

Cosmetic pouch

Do know an elephant lover who is always traveling? Do want to give them a gift they will always take with them? I recommend this elephant travel cosmetic pouch. Makes a great gift for elephant lovers on the move.

perfect gift for golf players

Elephant driver cover

Looking for the perfect gift for golf players who loves the large grey mammal? I recommend this driver head cover. Here a cool gifts for elephant lovers that love to hit the links. They can show off the animal they love when they yell four!

something unique for the elephant lover


Looking for something unique for the elephant lover that has everything. Here is an item for them. This 12-inch vinyl record wall clock is just the thing that will complete their collection.

4 piece pillow covers set

Pillow covers

Birthday coming up? Here is a present for elephant lovers who love to decorate. This 4 piece pillow covers set will dress up their couch. With the bright colors and well-detailed print.This will make a great gifts for elephant lovers with a discrete taste.

3d wooden art puzzles

3D wooden puzzle

Thinking of a gift for the tusker fan who loves to craft. I recommend this 3d wooden art puzzles it is a great project for both kids and adults. Gives them many hours and crafting fun.

 fine porcelain tea set

Tea set

Here is a unique gift for the pachyderm lovers. This fine porcelain tea set will look good on their mantel and will be enjoyed for years to come. Great for tea parties or great sitting on china shelf. Let’s have a tea party!


elephant gifts ideasJungle figurine

Thinking of elephant gifts ideas? I recommend this simulated wood Elephant and baby walking in the jungle figurine. It looks good sitting on any shelf or desk. Makes an awesome conversation starter.

everything elephants store

Yoga Mat

Here is a great gift idea for tusker fans who like keeping fit. This yoga mat will keep them happy through the many yoga sessions. Helps them get that perfect pose. One of the awesome things you can find in our everything elephants store.Yoga fire!